Surrender to relaxation.

Take a moment, close the doors behind you and enter to Kakola Spa.

Free yourself from everyday life.

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Time to put winter's dried skin in spring condition? Elemis Pro Collagen facial treatment 99€ (129,-)


Kakola Spa is a unique experience for life enthusiasts and those craving for a moment to themselves.

In the spa, you can choose whether to enjoy various treatments, take a snow shower or grab a drink from the swim-up bar.

Once you step inside, we take care of everything.

Kakola Spa treatments

Elemis Pro Collagen Facial

This effective anti-aging facial treatment combats fine lines and wrinkles while...

Kakola’s Grasp

This experience surpasses ordinary massages. In Kakola’s Grasp, the combination of...

Sand Room

Entering the sand room, you can feel the fine sand under...

Spa’s Gentle Embrace

An extremely effective full-body treatment that combines warmth, your chosen moisturizing...

Visit at the Kakola Spa

Kakola Spa is located on Kakolanmäki in Turku, in the middle of former prison grounds.

The historical environment hides a unique spa built for everyone who wants to escape everyday life for a while.

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Kakola area

In addition to the spa, Kakolanmäki houses Hotel Kakola, two restaurants, a sourdough bakery, a brewery with its taproom, a hair and beauty salon and a souvenir shop.