Practical information

Familiarize yourself with spa etiquette before your visit.

Spa etiquette ensures that everyone is comfortable with us. Kakola Spa is especially intended for relaxation and calming down. Spa etiquette gives you the opportunity to break away from your everyday life and our staff the opportunity to serve you as individually as possible and listening to your wishes.

We hope that you will give immediate and honest feedback about our services. This way we can develop our services to better meet our customers wishes.

Spa etiquette

  • To guaranty the privacy of our guests, the use of mobile phones,  cameras and similar devices in the pool and sauna are is prohibited. Therefore, cell phones and other valuables are left in the lockers.
  • The age limit is 18 years but at certain times the spa is also open to children. Please note that for safety reasons children visiting the spa must be over 120cm tall and they have to know how to swim. Children must be supervised by their caretaker and they need to behave according to the spa etiquette.
  • Bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the spa is prohibited.
  • Any form of sexual harassment and molestation is prohibited. If you experience harassment or molestation, please report it immediately to our staff.


  • We provide a towel for the duration of your stay.
  • For safety reasons, the use of personal water bottles or similar items is prohibited in the sauna and pool areas. You can rent a refillable unbreakable water bottle from the bar counter.
  • We ask you kindly to shower before entering the sauna or pool areas and to wear a swimwear in the sauna and pool areas.
  • Please not that for the comfort of all guests and the cleanliness of the facilities, shaving and the use of coloring agents such as hair masks is prohibited.
  • The spa is made for relaxation, so please move quietly in the spa’s premises, avoid speaking loudly and share the facilities with the other guests.
  • Jumping and diving in the pools is prohibited.
  • The use of snuff, chewing gum and similar items is prohibited in the spa.
  • The spas sauna and pool areas are alcohol serving areas, so you can move freely with your drinks.


  • We reserve the right to remove guests who violate the spa etiquette or cause disturbances from the spa premises.


  • In order to be able to serve you the best possible way, please fill out a pre-treatment form when you arrive at the spa for the first time. Please inform us if you have any medical conditions, medications or other factors that may affect your treatment. Also, let us know if you are pregnant or have recently had a surgery.
  • To ensure that your treatment starts on time, please arrive for your treatment 5 minutes before the scheduled time. If you are running late, we cannot guaranteee the full duration of the service. If you know you will be late, please inform our customer service so that our staff can prepare accordingly.
  • For full-body treatments such as massages and body treatments, you should undress to your underwear. If you prefer, you can request disposable underwear from the reception desk. During the treatment, the therapist or aesthetician will cover your body with a towel or cloth and exposes only the area being treated.
  • We encourage you to communicate if anything feels uncomfortable during the treatment or if you want spesific areas to be focused on more. The intensity of the treatment can always be adjusted to meet your needs. At the beginning of the treatment, the therapist will inquire about treatment-related matters but will then allow you to relax and enjoy the treatment. You can initiate a conversation or express your preferences about the course of the treatment at any time. We are happy to answer any questions.
  • Rescheduling or cancelling an appointment must me done at the latest 24 hours before the scheduled treatment. For rescheduling or cancelations made within 24 hours, a 100% charge of the reserved service price applies. If you fall ill within 24 hours of the treatment, you can reschedule the appointment to another time free of charge.
  • The therapist has the right to refuse service to a customer who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such cases, no refunds will be provided for pre-booked and pre-paid treatments.


Payment and entrence fee

The entrance fee includes free use of the pool section as well as three different kind of saunas, a walk in shower and a unique snow-shower. The duration of the visit is 3 hours. We provide a towel for the duration of your stay.

With the entrance fee you can enjoy the spa for three hours. If you wish, you can buy additional time for 2 hours / 10 euros.

Yes, children are welcomed to enjoy the spa with their caretaker from Sunday to Friday before 5PM. For safety reasons, children must be 120cm tall and able to swim. Children visiting the spa must also be following the spa etiquette.

It is not necessary to book spa time in advance. We recommend making reservations for the weekend in advance so that you can secure your place at the desired time.

You can pay with cash and the most common payment cards.

Yes, you can pay your normal priced spa visit with Smartum and Epassi. With Smartum, in addition to admission, you can also pay for massages. Other spa treatments cannot be paid with vouchers.

Treatments do not include entry to the spa.

No. The bracelet is personal and the user’s identity is checked upon entry.


Unfortunately you can’t. We want to calm the spa and protect our customer’s privacy. Cameras or mobile phones are not allowed on the pool and sauna area.

No there’s not. The pool and sauna are is common for both women and men. Each guest wears a swimsuit.


When booking a spa-time, we have had to separate the bookings for women and men for the reason that there is enough space in the changing rooms for everyone.

Pool restaurant offers refreshing drinks and snacks. Restaurant Kakolanruusu is responsible for drinks and food at the spa. The spa kitchen closes one hour before the spa.

You are not allowed to enjoy your own refreshments in the spa. You can rent an unbreakable water bottle from the pool restaurant, which you can fill in on water points. You can buy refreshments and alcoholic beverages from the pool bar.

Yes, you can buy or rent swimwear at our reception.

Kakola Spa is primarily aimed for adults and therefore there are no actual activities for children.


Yes, parking at Kakolanmäki is chargeable. The price of parking is 2€/hour (max. 10€/day) and only card payment is accepted in the area.

Here's how to get to us

Kakla Spa is located at Kakolanmäki in Turku. The easiest way the reach us is by public trasportation.

In addition to the spa, Kakolanmäki houses Hotel Kakola, two restaurants, a sourdough bakery, a brewery with its taproom, a hair and beauty salon and a souvenir shop.

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