Kakola Spa is located in the depths of a hill called Kakola, inside the rock out of the reach of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At the spa, you have a choice of four different pools, five saunas and a selection of different relaxing treatments. The restaurant Kakolanruusu is taking care of the food and drinks.

You can come to the spa alone, with a partner or with a larger group. All you need is to show up, we take care of everything.

On this page, you can explore in more detail what we have to offer.

Spa experiences


You can enjoy for different pools. Our largest pool is designed for relaxation and enjoyment, featuring gently massaging jets and a stunning long bar counter. In the saltwater pool, you can experience the effects of minerals: the salt content in the water is beneficial for the skin, good for the respiratory system, and it speeds up your metabolism. Our cold water pool will give you the experience of traditional Finnish cold-water swimming and after the ice-cold plunge you can relax by the heated pool, where you can even enjoy a glass of sparkling wine.

Pine tree sauna

The scent of pine takes you in the middle of a Finnish pine forest. At the heart of the steam room is a stove from which emanates the scent of spruce needles and cones. The sauna temperature ranges from 45 to 50 °C.

Stone sauna

In the stone sauna, 400-degree hot stones plunge into ice-cold water, creating a sizzling sound and filling the room with steam. Due to the sound and rising steam, the stone sauna is often referred to as a volcano sauna. The temperature in the sauna ranges from 40 to 60 °C.

Kakola sauna

A traditional Finnish log sauna where the body, mind and soul can relax. The sauna temperature ranges from 80 to 90 °C. We also perform various sauna ceremonies in the sauna, and we will inform you of their schedules separately.

Private saunas

Kappeli and Temppeli are private saunas that you can reserve for yourself or your group. We also provide various treatments and ceremonies for these saunas.

Snow shower

In the snow shower, you literally get a snowstorm on you. By pressing a button, the wind rises and you stand in the middle of an incredible snowstorm. The snow shower is an intense experience that you will remember for a long time.

Elämyssuihku Kakola Spa

Multi-sensory shower walk

From the warm tropical rain into the cold alpine rain followed be a summery thunderstorm and a blue mist in the sea breeze and finally the surprising bucket shower. In the shower walk, you will experience a surprising shower ceremony with various stations you walk through.

Kakola Spa etiquette

Our spa etiquette ensures that everyone can enjoy their stay with us and offer a relaxing moment.

We hope you familiarize yourself with our spa etiquette before your visit.

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Kakola Spa is waiting for you.

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Feel refreshed

Would you like to have a glass of sparkling wine, a cocktail or a refreshing mocktail? Kakolanruusu’s bartenders will conjure a suitable drink for you, which you can enjoy directly in the pool. Our entire pool and sauna area is a drinking area, so you can move freely with your drinks.

Treat yourself

We offer pleasures for both soul and body. With us, you can enjoy a selection of delicacies from the restaurant Kakolanruusu.

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Spa Treatments


We will do everything to ensure that your visit to Kakola Spa meets your expectations.